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October 6th, 2011 | Introducing Marketing Tips – 5 Questions You Should be Asking Your Customers

JK Design | Graphic Communications is in the business of assisting clients with their marketing, advertsing & visual design to make them as effective as they can be in today’s market place. We get tips on marketing from outside sources frequently and from time to time will share those when they are very helpful to our clients.

Without further ado, he is the first ever of these.

In this piece article author Deborah A Taylor offers five excellent questions designed to save you money as a business owner on your marketing and advertsing. The first of these follows …

Ask Every Customer This Question

Ask how they heard about you. It’s important to understand what marketing channels are working. If most of your new customers are coming from referrals, create opportunities for more referrals. If they saw an ad, run that ad again. Always repeat what works.

Thanks to Deborah A. Taylor fot the tips and if you would like to read the rest of Deborah’s article, find it here.

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