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October 6th, 2011 | Introducing Marketing Tips – 5 Questions You Should be Asking Your Customers

JK Design | Graphic Communications is in the business of assisting clients with their marketing, advertsing & visual design to make them as effective as they can be in today’s market place. We get tips on marketing from outside sources frequently and from time to time will share those when they are very helpful to our clients.

Without further ado, he is the first ever of these.

In this piece article author Deborah A Taylor offers five excellent questions designed to save you money as a business owner on your marketing and advertsing. The first of these follows …

Ask Every Customer This Question

Ask how they heard about you. It’s important to understand what marketing channels are working. If most of your new customers are coming from referrals, create opportunities for more referrals. If they saw an ad, run that ad again. Always repeat what works.

Thanks to Deborah A. Taylor fot the tips and if you would like to read the rest of Deborah’s article, find it here.

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September 17th, 2011 | Guerilla Advertising… Genius

JK Design | Graphic Communications loves genius in advertising. We see so much advertising every day. How do advertising and design professionals cut through that visual and mental noise to produce advertising that people see, enjoy and remember? It gets harder and harder. Here are 20 awesome guerilla marketing campaigns as listed and in Designer Daily and found through StumbleUpon.com. This is the stuff that advertsiging awards are made of.

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January 15th, 2010 | Produced Branding for Tennessee State Bowling Proprietors Association

Rutherford County Chamber of CommerceI was happy to work once again with Roy Baudoin of Smyrna Bowling Center, who also acts as President of the TSBPA to create a new business identity for the organization. In addition to a striking (no pun intended) new logo design, we applied the new logo to the business papers for the TSBPA to give mailings and such to its members a separate identity from that of the Smyrna Bowling Center. This is an excellent mark and I have been happy to assist Roy in creating something singular for its members to identify with.

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December 15th, 2009 | Johnny King of JK Design | Graphic Communications Selected as a Rutherford Chamber of Commerce Diplomat for 2010

Rutherford County Chamber of CommerceAs a member of the Rutherford Chamber of Commerce, I have found new strength as I continue to build my brand and my business, being introduced to excellent clients and interacting with the business leadership of Rutherford County’s brightest companies. In 2010, I am extending my involvement with the Chamber, acting in a volunteer capacity with the Chamber as one of it’s Diplomats. I expect the enhanced involvement with the Chamber will create more exposure and business activity for JK Design this year.

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November 20th, 2009 | Announcing Launch of Smyrna Bowling Center’s New Web Presence

Smyrna Bowling CenterJK Design | Graphic Communications and Smyrna Bowling Center are happy to announce the launch of their new web site at www.smyrnabowling.com. The web site has been a large project and is expansive and treats their patrons to an online environment that feels visually much as the center itself does. We feel that it really captures the personality and the fun of Smyrna Bowling Center, and utilizes excellent information design to be easy and intuitive to navigate, and to keep their customers in the know about all the fun things going on at SBC.

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June 9th, 2009 | Announcing New Client, Smyrna Bowling Center

Smyrna Bowling CenterSmyrna Bowling Center is the largest most modern bowling center in the state of Tennessee. I had the recent pleasure of meeting owner Roy Baudoin at a Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce event being held at the Smyrna Bowling Center facility. They will be receiving a new web design. In addition to the web design, we are giving their corporate identity, or logo a facelift in the process, to help create stronger brand awareness. The logo can be seen at left. As a result of the new corporate identity’s creation, we are giving their business papers a matching facelift.

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May 15th, 2009 | Announcing New Client, King’s Funeral Planning

King's Funeral PlanningKing’s Funeral Planning is a startup that I am now working with to assist in branding their company. To start, we have produced their logo mark which figures prominently into the design of a beautiful tri fold brochure which will be their primary first marketing vehicle. I am very excited to assist this company in creating their branding and marketing materials as they get of the ground. All the more so, as the company is the brain child of Jessica and Karen King, my own niece and sister. I wish them much success, and look forward to assisting them with their future marketing needs.

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April 15th, 2009 | Announcing New Client, JD Designs Interiors

JD Designs InteriorsI am happy to announce new client JD Designs, owned and operated by Jennifer Davenport, an interior designer and home stager. Our goal was to give her company an updated and tailored business identity. In addition to a new logo design, we produced new business papers for JD Designs which included new business papers. Her new logo is also finding its way to the front page of her web site. JD Designs has received awards for work in Parade of Homes. Jennifer prides her company on being able to work with any design budget. Give her web site a look.

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March 15th, 2009 | Relaunch of www.JKDesignGC.com

JK Design | Graphic CommunicationsRelaunched JK Design | Graphic Communications web site. This brings a great deal of work to fruition. While I will not ever be quite ‘done’ with this site (it should be ever-evolving to reflect things like news after all), I am happy to have it available for clients and friends alike to see what is going on with JK Design | Graphic Communications. There will be new features added as the months and years go on, and will continue to improve in it’s functionality to aid JK Design in assisting our client base. Stay tuned here for notices about further updates. Please enjoy!

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August 20th, 2008 | JK Design | Graphic Communications Joins Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce

Rutherford County Chamber of CommerceJK Design is now a member of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. Based in Murfreesboro, TN, the geographic center of the state, the RCCC is instrumental in developing one of the fastest growing population centers in the entire United States. JK Design looks forward to serving Chamber members’ business communications needs.

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