Because Great Design is Not an Expense.
                                                 Its an Investment.

JK Design | Graphic Communications of Middle Tennessee produces sharp, insightful graphic design & advertising for clients in this and surrounding areas from Murfreesboro at the center of Rutherford County and the great state of Tennessee. Middle Tennessee is a rapidly growing part of the country, full of opportunity, industry and great people. The area is one which also deserves great visual design, which is why JK Design | Graphic Communications is here.

Areas of specialty include branding & identity design, print design of all sorts, web design, book layout & design, and illustration.

Making sure that your message is communicated intelligently and on time is our first goal.

No matter the size of your business, or endeavor, there is likely a way that JK Design | Graphic Communications can help you to target just who you want to communicate to, and successfully use word and image to bring that message across, just the way you mean it.

It is a point of pride at JK Design | Graphic Communications to really listen to what it is that clients wish to say, and their descriptions of who they want to say it to, and then produce design that meets that goal in ways that most people don’t realize are possible.

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How are you planning to communicate to the world?

What is your communication plan?

“The newest computer can merely compound,
at speed,
the oldest problem
in the relations between human beings,

and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem,

of what to say
and how to say it.”

—Edward R. Murrow